Who are we?

We are a team. In the last time, we were venture investors and short-time. We know what need for the long-term of financial system. That’s why, we make this business. We focus to the professional business, we would like to make a strong system and longevity. This business will be a impressive brand in social network marketing.

There were many companies told you about this problem before. They try to gave you great evidences about their financial, individual pictures and their investment activities… they show it off that you can see and trust. But you know, it can’t get your money up…
If you had lost money, even much money and many times, you would have smarter and carefull with new investment chances.
However, there are just little bit people know the problem, most people are still interested by enchanting pictures, that speakers had drawn it out in presentations. And then, it take your money away again. It’s funny!

Come on, wake up and sit down, calmly and seriously to read the content which we would like to reveal to you, then check out videos that we’ve attached. Let’s start it step by step, don’t hurry, if you don’t want to miss many things like you did.
Also, if you have any question or want to contribute ideas to us? Don’t hesitate, please give your one minute to us for do it.

Our power

The bottom floor

It’s a concept make leaders have headache, it will come - sooner or later, but it will make the imbalance in a system. It will be serious, if the founder just only want to earn much money in the short time, it will be a very bad end.
There are many good leaders in the world, they believe that they will pass difficulties of “bottom floor” when they have a excellent capacity to sponsor and their big relationship. However, the past had proved that they were losers.
At FOM, we are confident with our “ bottom floor” solution. Because, there is not “ bottom floor” at FOM, it’s not the pyramind pattern, it’s a CYCLE pattern. How can make the “ bottom floor” when it’s a cycle??
That’s right, please clear all our policy, you will find it out by yourself, don’t listen to the analyzing or teaching from anyone. Let explore it by yourself and you will see : FOM is a good pattern worthy of your working in the long time.

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Low capital

This is a highlight that FOM can give to you. You have varied choices follow your financial, it will help you be proactive in the planning to build your system. If you have the low capital and want to upgrade it in the future, FOM is a reasonable choice.

Recovery Capital Quickly

You used to invested and cooperated in many patterns, how long that you can recovery your capital? 10 days or 30 days or 6 months or more? Right?
With FOM, you can do this within few days or if you are a excellent sponsor, it will be faster, may be 1 day or even few hours. It depend on you, it doesn’t depend on admin or website. What’s even more amazing than you can protect your capital as quickly as possible.
Let check the policy of FOM carefully, you will see it.

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No need a big boss

That’s also a highlight that many projects always showed it to you. They always try to prove their prestige, give you a peace of mind, make you believe that when you put your money stay here with a big profit, you don’t worry about someday, they will take your money away.
However, most of them did the opposite thing, even they are still exist, they don’t escape. So funny, right?
At FOM, we settle this problem by a smart policy, when you don’t need you send your money to any boss. There isn’t any boss hold your money, you don’t need to worry that somebody will take it away.

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Using Bitcoin

This is also a key in important factors help you convenient to use your financial. You don’t need to use exchange rate and have large differences as before. Because Bitcoin is a concept, it was too obvious, if you don’t know about Bitcoin, that is a disadvantage.
But it’s not too late, let take your time to research about Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s useful features, you will realize that Bitcoin is very helpful. With FOM, you can use Bitcoin to transfer in the world in a short time with a fee can’t cheaper.
There are many other values, I believe that most of the world leaders like it.

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International Sponsor

With FOM. You can confident sponsor anyone in the world by your individual link, let share that link for your partner and they would become members in your system.
Look for the link in your personal office and don’t be skimpy when you share to other ones.


A lot of previous projects that we joined, it have had big troubles, because discipline is not high, or change the rule frequently.
At FOM, the discipline factor will be raised highest. There will have resentment when you are the violation, but we believe that a tight discipline will keep your business running in the long time, too easy will drown us. You will feel anxious when join in a project that have a too simple rule.


Most short-term social network projects are having the problem with investors, who put the money to make fake IDs and don’t work. They proved to be smartest person when they don’t build their system, they just wait for their time to get the profit. Leaders always try to get the cooperation from them in the system building and bosses are very painful with this group. However they still can not find out the best solution, that’s why these ambitious and bigotry pigs still exist.
At FOM, you don’t need to worry about this one, because the FOM’s pattern is too smart. We don’t prevent but we creat laws to manage. If you are a smart investor, with a low sponsor ability, you still can join in FOM. Don’t worry, we don’t care you are a investor or not. If you work hard, you will have a revenue, that other investors must coveted.

Born To Be FOM

That's our slogan, we are proud of it. FOM will really change the quality of your life in a short time.
Please seriously learn and experience the global financial network FOM.
Let show me: where can you find out these three factor fully:

  • 100%

    Participants have money.

  • 100%

    Safe and Long-term.

  • 100%

    Rich or Very rich.

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